While surfing around the net this evening, I stumbled across this page: What I Learned From 14 Bizarre Belieber #Imagine Tweets

The author’s take on the tweets is hilarious. But can I just say that Beliebers freak me out! The use of the ‘imagine’ tag before posting something that comes across as a psychopathic 13-year-old’s daydream is a little disturbing. The tweets would be funny if they weren’t so pathetic. They make me wonder how I ever survived my tween years without Twitter to pine over Leonardo DiCaprio and the Backstreet Boys with the rest of the planet! Surely, humanity has lost out by missing a string of #howcouldjackdie, #illneverletyougo, #getwellsoonAJ and #wemisskevin posts.


Hope you find the page educational, or at least entertaining!