‘Armada Drive’ Debuts First Music Video


A local heavy rock band here in the HRM, Armada Drive, released their début album a few months ago, and today they finished their first music video. A friend of mine, and the head of the local chapter of the Metallica fan club, plays in the band so I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to help Armada Drive spread the word and get their video to the masses. Check out the video below, and then check out their official website for more information on the band and to get a copy of their self-titled album (free download for a limited time).


Video credit Dominique Girouard, Robbie Carruthers. Music by Armada Drive.

A New ‘Making Of…’

It’s time for one of my favorite parts of new Rammstein music videos – the ‘Making Of’ feature! The making of Mein Land is interesting to say the least…very funny! And at just over 28 minutes long, it is one of the longer ‘Making Of’ videos. Check it out:

I have to agree with the R+ girls…watching the guys dance is just too damn funny! They are embarassingly bad – stick to the leather and pyro boys!