A New ‘Making Of…’

It’s time for one of my favorite parts of new Rammstein music videos – the ‘Making Of’ feature! The making of Mein Land is interesting to say the least…very funny! And at just over 28 minutes long, it is one of the longer ‘Making Of’ videos. Check it out:

I have to agree with the R+ girls…watching the guys dance is just too damn funny! They are embarassingly bad – stick to the leather and pyro boys!

Mein Land day!

While we were honoring our veterans in Canada with the Remembrance Day holiday, in Germany this was the day Rammstein’s new single ‘Mein Land’ debuted. I of course had to purchase it off iTunes; for $3.99 it included:

  1. Mein Land
  2. Vergiss uns nicht
  3. My Country (English version of Mein Land)
  4. Mein Land (remix)
  5. A digital photo book

I have to say, the English version is a little disturbing as it has way too much country twang to be on a Rammstein album! But ‘Mein Land’ and ‘Vergiss uns nicht’ are great, and the remix is decent.

The video has the usual Rammstein elements – fire and a corny take on American culture. It portrays the loss of innocence in modern times, while making reference to the chaos predicted in 2012 when ‘the party’s over’, so to speak. Plus the surfing scenes are too funny!