You Don’t Say!

A new study has revealed that listening to Nickleback & Justin Bieber can be bad for your romance…! The study was conducted by, a UK dating site that matches singles according to their musical interests. The site’s members were asked to name up to 12 bands whose music they could not stand — and that would prove a romantic turnoff.

With 1,600 responses, Nickelback and Justin Bieber led the overall nominations. The other artists that made the top ten (in descending order) were Lady Gaga, Ke$ha, Coldplay, U2, Creed, Katy Perry, Lil Wayne and Britney Spears.

The first two choices seem pretty obvious to me…I mean chances are if you are old enough to be on an online dating service and still list The Biebs as one of your favorite musical artists, then chances are you’re going to need a lot more than a website to find you a mate! It’s simple Darwinism – if your hearing is that compromised, then nature is conspiring to prevent you from reproducing!

The result that I am most upset and disappointed by…U2. I know they aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I can’t see how anyone could lower them to the same level as Nickleback!? No wonder I’m still single if these are the thoughts and musical taste of my peers…


While surfing around the net this evening, I stumbled across this page: What I Learned From 14 Bizarre Belieber #Imagine Tweets

The author’s take on the tweets is hilarious. But can I just say that Beliebers freak me out! The use of the ‘imagine’ tag before posting something that comes across as a psychopathic 13-year-old’s daydream is a little disturbing. The tweets would be funny if they weren’t so pathetic. They make me wonder how I ever survived my tween years without Twitter to pine over Leonardo DiCaprio and the Backstreet Boys with the rest of the planet! Surely, humanity has lost out by missing a string of #howcouldjackdie, #illneverletyougo, #getwellsoonAJ and #wemisskevin posts.


Hope you find the page educational, or at least entertaining!