Have you met Oskar?

Earlier this year I was sent a link to a video on YouTube of Oskar, the blind kitten. Since that time, his owners have posted a few more videos of Oskar as he grows and interacts with their older cat, Klaus. Oskar is a sweet little guy, who manages extremely well, despite his disability. Oskar was born without fully formed eyeballs.

His owners  adopted both of their pets from a shelter. I think that anyone who adopts shelter pets rocks (both of my furry kids were adopted through shelter programs), but I am especially impressed that these loving folks didn’t let Oskar’s health problems deter them. In a world where perfection is praised, hats off to people who can see past imperfections and see the personality inside.

And after all, how could you not love this little guy!?

My favorite video:

Oskar’s story has been gaining followers and fans around the world, and he was even featured in a segment on Good Morning America. You can find the links and all things Oskar (including merchandise!) on his official Facebook page.