Daniel von Bargen Hospitalized After Failed Suicide Attempt

More crazy and sad news from Hollywood this week. 😦

Thoughts and prayers go out to Chief Grady for a full and speedy recovery! ❤

Daniel von Bargen

From ABC News:

[Von Bargen]…shot himself in the temple with a Colt 38 gun on Monday. He called Hamilton County 911 after his attempt failed.

According to the call, Von Bargen shot himself to avoid going to the hospital. After the dispatcher asked if the shooting was accidental, von Bargen responded, “No, I was supposed to go to the hospital today, didn’t want to … well, I shot myself.”. Von Bargen is a diabetic and was supposed to have two of his toes amputated that day.

Actor Daniel von Bargen is famous for his roles as:

  • Commandant Edwin Spangler on Malcolm in the Middle (TV series)
  • Federal Agent Ellerby in The Majestic (movie)
  • Chief Grady in Super Troopers (movie)
  • Sheriff Cooley in O Brother, Where Art Thou? (movie)
  • Kruger on Seinfeld (TV series)
  • Warden Pendleton in Amistad (movie)
  • Theodore Hayes in G.I. Jane (movie)
  • Vladimir Radchenko in Crimson Tide (movie)

For a full list of roles, see IMDb.

Good News for Folks in HRM!!!

Peter Kelly’s 12-year reign as Halifax’s mayor will come to end in October!!!

From The Coast:

Mayor Peter Kelly announced today that he will not be seeking re-election this October.

“I feel that, after 27 years of public service, I have made my contribution to the good of the community to the very best of my ability and it is time to seek new horizons,” he said.

Mayor Kelly said that he intends to complete his term.

“It has been a great privilege to be mayor of HRM and I will carry with me forever the spirit of goodwill that citizens have always shown me. They have been my constant guide and inspiration. The residents were always the best part of this job and I thank them from the bottom of my heart for their advice, their support and also for their forgiveness when I have made mistakes, and I have made my fair share!”.

Mayor Kelly, 55, said he made his decision not to re-offer on Tuesday, after taking some personal time to reflect and to consult with his family.

It’s no secret that I’m no fan of Mayor Kelly. Check out my friend’s blog entry regarding our fearless leader…it will help explain my feelings as well!