Marchi Mobile, a luxury automotive company in Austria, has added a new RV to their line up. Normally I’m a fan of real camping – i.e. in a tent. But if I had $3 million to play with, I might be pursuaded to change my feelings about RV-ing!

The 40′  eleMMent Palazzo mobile home offers two bars; one on your fully automatic, liftable flybridge lounge and at the couch area inside. Transform your couch into stylish bar furniture at the push of a button. You can host a private party on two entirely equipped floors!

There is a master bedroom with its own integrated bathroom. Numerous inventions ensure that you experience the greatest level of comfort and security; a programmed central control provides all important information at a glance. Set-up and dismantling is executed by a graphic interface via touch screen.

Remote video access allows you to show your friends the exterior and interior and also permits pre-setting the lighting and temperature for you return to the vehicle.

The eleMMent Palazzo mobile home also offers a reduced fuel consumption of up to 20% versus other vehicles its size thanks to its trendsetting aerodynamics, thus creating economic and ecologic harmony. Despite its eco-friendly values, it has more than 500 hp, a unique carbon-fiber rear diffuser and double tube sport exhaust. On top of that, it has a considerably higher safety rating than regular heavy vehicles, due to the high compound strength of the glass fiber plastic cabin and the elevated seating position.

Custom designs and additions can be made as well.

Exterior view

Floor Plan

The bathroom off the master bedroom

Bar in the couch area, also featuring a skylight.

Master Bedroom

Check out the eleMMent Palazzo website for more information.

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