‘Dark Star’ Returning?

Making news today, residents all over Costa Rica reported hearing a strange rumbling coming from the sky last night. There were no storms or seismic activity at the time. Check it out:

The explanation being given is the launching of 150+ fireworks during the closing ceremonies at a fair in Zapote. Fireworks (which sound nothing like the noise in the video, IMO) that were heard in towns over 170km apart and divided by a mountain range?! Doesn’t seem likely to me. Especially since this is not the first time such a noise has been reported.

Further digging reveals that similar noises have been reported around the world, over a period of years, and with increasing frequency in the last year. Here is a video featuring some examples, but if you would prefer to listen to individual examples, check out the end of this post.*

With December 2012 fast-approaching, the popular conclusion is that the Mayans were right and the world is ending. A variety of ideas have of course been given as the ‘true’ explanation for this seemingly unearthly noise:

  1. It’s Heavenly trumpets heralding the Apocalypse
  2. It is underground digging to build shelters for the end of days in December 2012. Governments are denying this and dismissing the noises to prevent public panic.
  3. Science takes a crack at the mystery…
  4. The return of The Dark Star

To me, the Dark Star theory is the most intriguing of all explanations for The Hum. While it may seem far-fetched, the idea is kinda cool.

First, to understand the idea of the return of the Dark Star, you have to learn about the Dogon, an ancient tribe living in Mali. Take a moment to read up on them and the Dark Star theory above (item #4). After that, you will understand the linkage between the Dogon and the Dark Star and how it all comes back to the strange sounds heard around the world recently.

The Dogon use a type of instrument known as a bullroarer as part of one of their ancient ceremonies. Their version of the instrument is supposed to mimic the sound of the Dark Star returning. An example of this instrument being played can be found at 2:10 of the following program on the Dogon (hosted by Mr. Spock himself!):

I’m a bit creeped out…how about you?

If you’re fascinated like I was, take some time to do some research and reading. There are some great pieces explaining of the Dark Star theory can account for commonalities between Christian/Biblical, Egyptian mythology, Mayan mythology and the Dogon account of Armageddon/End of Days/Coming of the Son (or Sun?!).

*Clips of The Hum from around the globe:





Windsor, ON:







Florida: (turn the volume up for this one!)


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