Unusual Religious Rituals

Here are my 3 favorites:

  • Baby Throwing:

The Grishneshwar Temple in Indian state of Maharashtra is the site of a very unusual – and potentially dangerous – religious ritual. As the name suggests, babies between the ages of one and two are thrown from a 50-foot tower, with men positioned beneath to catch the babies on sheets. The 700 year old ceremony is believed to make children more intelligent, luckier and healthier and is practiced by both Muslims and Hindus in the region. 

This one even has a YouTube video of the event:

  • Sky Burials:

Sky burials were an exclusive and unusual religious ceremony in Tibet. The practice involved dissecting the deceased’s body and scattering the pieces on a mountaintop to decompose or be consumed by birds. Most Tibetans follow Buddhist traditions, which dictate the human body is merely a vessel and can be discarded, thus why the practice was popular. The practice was ultimately outlawed, but can still be performed with the family’s permission.

  • Pus-licking and Scab-Eating:

In medieval times, the wider population essentially scorned lepers. However, it was common practice for female saints to care for those affected by licking the pus from their wounds and eating their scabs. This was seen as a sign of extreme holiness.


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Exterior view

Floor Plan

The bathroom off the master bedroom

Bar in the couch area, also featuring a skylight.

Master Bedroom

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