15 Places…

I came across this list today: 15 Places You Should Travel To While You Are Young

Having only been to two of the 15, San Jose and Amsterdam, I’m not sure how accurate it is. Anybody able to confirm or deny the other cities’ place on the list? London, San Franciso and Berlin are on my Bucket List, and I’m going to a different German city next year.

I can say that Costa Rica is an amazing experience. I did a week-long tour, and  it was amazing. We saw everything from cloud forests and active volcanoes to tropical beaches. The wildlife was amazing – monkeys, lizards, birds and butterflies everywhere. Out of all of our stops, San Jose was probably my least favorite. The country just ahs so much to offer…definitely not to be missed.

San Jose, Costa Rica


Amsterdam was an awesome city to visit. The perfect mesh of modern life and history and culture. Although I was in The Netherlands for 10 days, I only had 1 in Amsterdam. But I loved it so much I’m planning a return trip next year. I’m looking forward to hitting up the Van Gogh museum this time around!

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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